Being from a Dutch / English family I have always celebrated both Sinterklaas with my Dutch family and Father Christmas with my English family.

Memories are wonderful – they are my reality!

I remember that Christmas always began the 6th December and then full ornate – tree, decorations. The FESTIVE was my mothers favourite word.

As a little girl making my Christmas letter to Father Christmas with my present list – and I mean list !! Was my favourite writing exercise, my wonderful phonetical words and ripped out pictures of what my little heart desired. Love it! I still have a list somewhere in my box of memories in the attic. You can see the passion on the paper.

I loved the excitement, the thrill of it all.  Once the the Christmas tree went up it started ! Once we got to a week or so before the big day, then I would be so excited, on my best behaviour, helping my parents so as to score extra points for being good, hoping that all my Christmas wishes that I had sent to the North Pole were going to be granted.

I would sneak out of bed and peak out the window to see if I could see the elves, who would be out and about to see if the little children where being good!

On Christmas Eve (24th December) we would hang our sacks. We had been allowed to decorate our own pillowcases with fabric paint and markers so Father Christmas would know who was who! Plates of goodies left near the fireplace for the good man himself and his reindeer! And then Christmas morning would arrive. The mince pies had been eaten bij the fireplace (crumbs everywhere!!) the carrot for Rudolph and his friends gone. And in its place the sack of presents….  Oh the joy!!

I always remember getting up at the crack of dawn – seriously!! About 5 o’clock – sneaking downstairs on the creaking stairs!!!! And going to see how big the sack was and making sure that we all had the same size! I had younger sisters so I had enough to compare them to!  And then having to go upstairs again to wait for mum and dad to wake up so that we could all go down to gasp with surprise at our sacks!! And unwrap all our goodies.

Every year we would have a tangerine, a little bag of gold chocolate coins and a bag of Christmas sweeties, plus the rest of course. And every year Mum would say: “Oh, Father Christmas messed it up again”, as she transferred one present to the other sack!!

These are traditions, making memories at the best level, so much fun and so much warmth and happy thoughts. I carried on the tradition with my own children. Yes, being woken up at 5 am by one of the creaking downstairs. Made me smile in my half sleep.

Loving the festive season and the making memories. I am therefore offering an amazing Father Christmas experience this year in the studio. Together with Father Christmas and a beautiful studio set up, your children and grandchildren can come in their party outfits to write their wish lists for Santa, be photographed with him and have an amazing time.

We have managed to persuade Father Christmas to stop off  in Rotterdam in October before his very busy season begins, he is only here for a couple of days so hurry!!

We have dates planned in the studio in the Autumn school holidays 18-20 October so that albums, wall art and portraits can be delivered in time for Thanksgiving and for your international Christmas mail to be delivered to family, friends and loved ones in time before the Christmas rush.

Want to know more and book your spot on our calendar? Please call or mail me. So looking forward to making memories for you and your family.

Love, Katinka