I am not made to exist alone in this world, I love giving. So when the Corona Crisis hit us in Holland my brain went into overdrive. What could I do to support those in need. To be honest I am not a fan of blood! So that rules out anything medical, but my super power is connecting with people and giving them an amazing experience during their photoshoot and fabulous portraits. But because I work with amazing makeup artists, and they are not allowed to work at the moment I have had to shut the portrait studio. So I came up with a brilliant idea. GIFT CARDS but the best part is that 20% of these cards go to the VOEDSELBANK, for their #StaySafeEnGeef campaign.

Cards are valid for a year, I am designing them as we speak! Fabulous in many ways. By buying these cards you will be updating your LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media portrait (you know that if it is older than your iPhone this needed to e done !), you support a charity that itself has been hit by this Corona Crisis and the small business owner, the studio. And I can photograph you when it is safe to do so – there is nothing more important that your health and safety.

Oh and yes you may buy more than one, giving one to a business owner you know and treating them to an update is brilliant idea!!

So when this is all over I look forward to meeting you in person, photographing you and helping you with being more visible on Internet.

Stay healthy and stay safe.
Kindest regards
XOXO Katinka

Oh yes click on the link to buy a gift card !!

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