Kids and portrait

My love for my children and photographing them through out their early years has brought to where I am now. So simply said my passion for my kids has given me the key to open the door to a new career.

This is how I started ! My love for photography through my kids.

A complete circle from hobby to passion

However, it has now become a yearly struggle for me to be able to get all of them together and for them to behave long enough in front of my lens so that we have the memories for the future. To be truthfully, they have had enough of being photographed the cute babies, the yearly Christmas cards, the holiday images and so it goes on – I always had an excuse to photograph them. So now it is (only) once a year! But no excuses we plan it in the diary months ahead.

It is also my favourite day in the family calendar – looking back over the last few years at the changes that have taken place. Our children are all young adults with their boyfriends, girlfriends and since 2 years our dog! They grow up so fast – this is such a mothers remark, but they are my highest value.

They love their images

They may say NO Not AGAIN ! However they love their images! and even ask for extra ones – headshots for their social media, but just “how I am Mum; nothing fancy! “ “Of course darling, no problem”.

The eldest is now 25, so we have many, many albums of fabulous memories. This is my passion, this is my life, this is my truest and highest value. When I am old and wrinkly, we will have lots and lots of lovely books to look back over the years and show my grandchildren how it was back then …..

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