It has taken great courage to get to where she is now. She has picked up the phone / press on send on the info form, booked her shoot and let me guide her through her photoshoot – and into the next phase of who she truly is. You are enough.


Vulnerablity is the new Strong



Today I had an amazing single mother of 2 in the studio picking up her fabulous box of portraits. She came to me nervous, shy and a little bit worried about what she was to expect.

Today she left the studio kissing her box of portraits – a big box of wonderful self, the new woman she had been looking for.  She thanked me profusely, with a big grin on her face, empowered by her gorgeous self forever visible in her images.  I want to thank you Vanthi – I am honoured to have photographed you, that you trusted me enough to help you find your new empowered self.



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